Hi there! Let's talk about how you get a better, faster and more customizable website using the Wordpress Addtech Theme

The theme we offer you is completely customized for businesses within the Addtech group, built on the latest version of Wordpress. It's also responsive, which gives you the best readability on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, technically at the forefront and easy to manage. Your content is built with content modules that you can choose, update and place as you please, to give your customers the best possible experience when they visit your website.

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Six reasons to choose this platform for your website

  • Drag and drop functionality let's you change the look of a page in a second
  • Built-in product and contact databases, based on work we’ve done for other Addtech companies
  • Search engine optimization is built into the core of Wordpress
  • Wordpress is the worlds greatest and most popular CMS for small and large businesses
  • It's open source, which means it is constantly developed and it's easy to create custom solutions – there's almost no limitations on what you can get!
  • High security thanks to regular safety updates


Building a webpage with a theme is cost-efficient, not a compromise on design

We've developed webpages in Wordpress for a decade, and learnt a lot of tricks of the trade. When we started working on the Addtech theme we set out to build a platform that has the functionality as well as look and feel of a much more complex and expensive web project, without the added cost of making everything custom for just one client.

The result is a modern Wordpress theme, with every feature customized for the unique needs of Addtech companies. This let's us guarantee that every aspect of your new webpage will show off the best reflection of your company profile and your product catalog.

The theme is responsive, meaning your webpage will look grate no matter if it's viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

The theme is responsive, meaning your webpage will look grate no matter if it's viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Basic functionality in Wordpress:

Functionality we've added:

  • A simple interface for regular updates of content
  • Option to create different administrator roles with various permissions
  • Time managed news function
  • Support for sharing any type of content, such as video, sound and photo albums
  • Yoast is a plugin that simplifies how you work with SEO for even beter visibility in search engines
  • An extended photo archive makes it possible to catalog and structure your photo archive
  • Gravity form is a plugin that makes it easy to create forms, for example to get visitor information when someone downloads a product specification
  • Google Analytics to survey visitors and give you current statistics and other tools to optimize your website

Some Addtech companies we work with today


Aratron came to us with a general idea that something needed to change, but wasn’t sure what. We soon came to the conclusion that Aratron needed a ”Extreme Brand Makeover”, with a new logo and a new marketing concept, ”Set your thoughts in motion”. Since then we’ve produced movies and product brochures, and their new Wordpress website.



Our relationship with Compotech began more than three years ago, with a project to find a stronger marketing concept. Since then we’ve completed almost a hundred projects, including a brand new website using Wordpress.



Stig Wahlström Elektronik

SWEL wanted an easy to update and modern webpage, built on Wordpress. Together with their sister company Stig Wahlström Automatik they asked us to design and develop a platform that puts their products and expertise in focus.



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