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On this page we’ve collected a few examples of work done for your sister companies Aratron and Compotech.
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Our relationship with Compotech began more than three years ago, with a project to find a stronger marketing concept. The concept has been a huge success and has helped Compotech change from being just a reseller of components into becoming a complete project partner, helping their customers from idea to finished solution. Since then we’ve completed more than a dozen projects, including a brand new website.



When Aratron came to us, they had a general idea that something needed to change, but wasn’t sure what. Existing customers where more than pleased working with Aratron, but potentially new customers did not get the correct feel of the brand from the existing marketing material. We soon came to the conclusion that Aratron needed a ”Extreme Brand Makeover”, with a new logo and a new marketing concept, ”Set your thoughts in motion”. Since then we’ve produced movies and product brochures, and their new website.


Some of our Aratron productions

Some of our Compotech productions

Your friends at Nkel

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